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I will now be posting at ashechan

If you want to stay on my friend's list then please, please add me. If we do talk and you've clearly just not seen this I'll probably just add you :P

If you're not adding me, fair enough and it's been nice reading your journal!

So bye to this journal. :P

Friends only

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by azure_icons

I'm afraid I've made this journal friends only since I would like to know who is reading it. If you would like to read my journal then post a comment here, telling me who you are and eventually I will add you. I usually check this post every week but if I don't add you then email me at hippyhenn@gmail.com


[Let all Oz be agreed I'm wicked through and through]

I LIVE! Firstly, sorry to people who I didn't text back, my phone died on Saturday and I didn't have my charger. Hope the hundreds of you with birthdays had awesome days :D And happy birthday to harripanda today!

OMGILOVEWICKED mmmmk? I convincified my mum to take me :DDD But we could only buy 3 tickets so my Gran tagged along was dragged along. When we got in the theatre I noticed a disturbing bit of paper on the door...

...There was no Adam Garcia........BUT! His understudy was wonderful (obviously no Adam, though :P) I recorded a bit of Dancing through Life and all of As Long As Your Mine which I shall yoootoob later. Anywho, Kerry Ellis is wonderful. She's no Idina but she's still fantastic. We went to the Savoy for Afternoon Tea (don't ask...it's the rich aunt...she forced me...It was too posh D: But I got a trip to topshop out of it since I only had jeans so I won't complain XD) and there was a guy playing the piano (who was a major show-off but we'll let him off) and he started playing defying gravity. I recorded a bit but I ran out of memory, then afterward I HAD to clap him XD So he turned round and I said "more Wicked!" and he'd play more and played "No One Mourns the Wicked" and "The Wizard and I" asked me if I liked it and...well, duh. He said he knew Kerry Ellis :O

Emm, Sound of Music. OK. I admit it. I liked it. I've only ever seen the movie and it bored me but the musical was wonderful. There was no Connie Fisher (who won "How do you solve a problem like maria?") but I didn't really like her so I wasn't bothered. The understudy was amaaazing O_O

And that's aaall I can be bothered to say. I'll say the rest with pictures XD

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By the way, I asked about 5 people in the Wicked theatre if the Will Young rumour was true but nobody would tell. The girl at the Ozdust Boutique said she'd heard the rumours but wasn't sure and then winked at me XD; Speaking of the Ozdust Boutique, THERE'S A DEFYING GRAVITY SNOWGLOBE! It's so cool..I want it. But it was £6 cheaper at the show and there's no p+p. And I'm a cheapskate.

And I've uploaded this icon because the first 3 points are exactly me XD I have called several things "swankified" and things are usually "confusifying".
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[The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return]

I actually wrote this last night but I'm reluctant to post it because I'm too attached :P

On the 23rd of February my paid account runs out. I've decided that although I've had this journal for almost 3 years now and it holds a lot of quite memories (good as well as bad) on the 23rd I'm going to start using the journal ashechan.

I've thought it through and, much of a sack as I may be, I'll be quite sad to leave this journal behind but I need a change. I need to move on. Also there are a LOT of people on here who have deleted me from their friend's list (without a word which is depressing since I thought some of them were good friends) and I'm sure some people want to. So here's you're chance. No hard feelings. I know how annoying I can be XD

If you want to continue hearing about my pathetic excuse for a life add ashechan. I'll post a reminder in a few weeks. Also, I won't be deleting this because it would be a waste to get rid of everything I've posted here.

OK, and now a real update. Wait...I got nothing. O_o I've tidied my room a bit and started learning a french speaking for tomorrow. That's about it. And I watched the Little Mermaid on the Disney channel XD

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With my voice the way it is at the moment I can do the perfect imitation of that annoying computer thing where you type in something and it repeats it back to you XD

I really want to see Marie Antoinette...Wish I'd gone to see it at the cinema :/

edit: ...I'm lost without a Kingdom Hearts game to play. There is now a huge gap in my life.

Edit: I was just deleting some communities and I might have deleted people from my friend's list by accident D: If so, sorry and tell me :P I'll check again just in caaase!
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Sellingness and spaaaam

OK, after much essay-avoiding and procastination, I found wigs, thread, lace and anime/manga stuff that I didn't need...

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Also, I swear I have Utada Hikaru-Exodus somewhere so if someone wants that for £6 then I'll dig it out. Though I don't recomment it.

And if anyone wants measurements and whatnot then give us a wee shout! :P


ps. I love Martin B XD He amuses me so! Best Dr Dillamond evar!
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[I've heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn]

Wicked UK-Kerry Ellis, Helen Dallimore, Idina Menzel, Adam Garcia, Idina's last [36]
Wicked US-Megan Hilty, Eden Espinosa, Shoshana Bean [25]
Wicked Quotes-Shoshana's last Popular, Kristin's last popular [7]
Abandoned Places [3]

at ame_icons.

I actually feel like a complete idiot since I think my dad read my last entry. I didn't mean it the way I said it. It's more that I didn't want him to feel bad since the only time I don't go to drama is for friends or cons but I never don't go for him.

Ugh...*bangs head against the wall*

edit: just switched on the TV to play KH2. Kylie and the Locomotion...double you tee effing eff!?

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